Find here my database for lyrics and their translations.

The database is an Excel document where are listed and linked official lyrics and translations given by bands for the sharing on this site, together with unofficial translated lyrics based in "translated here".
Find also official lyrics video linked into the database.

Note the unofficial content here may not be completely correct as it is lyrics translation attempt within the goals to give people the opportunity to understand lyrics written in foreign languages. and support music.

Lyrics here deal with nature, paganism, mythology, medieval era, death, past wars, history when it isn't fantasy.
The storytellers in band don't share hate when they tell about the past, a bit like History teacher.

Bands can email me their official words with English or French translations for I understand them.
Note that I want to respect your rights and that I don't earn a cent for the work I do on this site that supports your art.
Let me know if your rights have changed for a possible removal, because I can't guess it.

Lyrics sharing hate won't be available on this site.

Contact me if you notice something wrong or something that hurts you and we'll see but I want to warn you that some lyrics content may be too dark for you since Viking metal or Battle metal don't tell about life where everything's pink.
To the other hand, those are just lyrics that shouldn't be taken to high level, really. Mythology, tales and History in their words are the things to remember for the main. Learn about the band before all, and be safe. : )